The #SisterPhD Summer Roundup

The #SisterPhD Summer Roundup


Happy May, Sisters. To those of you who graduated, Congratulations! You did it! We couldn’t be more proud of your achievements.

Job well done to each of you who’ve finished the school year; whether strong or just getting by--great work. We know how the ups and downs of doctoral education can be.  

To all of you who’ve accepted places among the ranks of Black women in pursuit of doctoral education--Welcome. The journey is only just beginning and we can’t wait to support you and help get you to the other side.


As we head towards summer, we wanted to let you all know the #SisterPhD team will be taking some time off. We’ll be using our summer to recharge our own batteries, work on manuscripts and papers we’ve neglected all school year, and to honestly practice self-care as the home team has battled many losses of our own. That said, this post is here to offer a little something for everyone:  

  • If you’re wondering whether to take that break this summer, the answer from the five of us will always be: absolutely pause-- then get back to work when you’re ready.
  • If you’re wondering whether to do that thing you’ve put off, the answer is yes-- there’s no better day like today.

We say all of that to say we couldn’t head off for summer without providing advice on how to use the next couple months, a glimpse of what to expect next school year, and some digital communities to help fill your cup.

Maximizing Summer Productivity

  • Set up realistic goals for what you want to accomplish this summer. Consider including personal and professional goals. Some examples of these could be to travel someplace you’ve never been or finally finish that article or book chapter you’ve been putting off.
  • Find an accountability partner(s) to support you in achieving your goals. It’s one thing to make promises to ourselves but few of us are good at self-accountability. Telling someone else at least puts your buns to the fire to get the work done.
  • Reward yourself along the way. Recognize your small accomplishments as well as the big ones and bask in them. No accomplishment is too small! Some days, waking up is all we have.
  • At the end of the summer reflect on what you accomplished and make a plan for the upcoming academic year. Getting things in order for the school year will only serve to improve your progress.

What’s Next For #SisterPhD

As we think about our goals for next school year, it’s clear to us that sisterly support is imperative to our success. Yes, it’s each of us individually that get our respective work done. However, this is possible because of the support we have from those around us who are part of our squad. As you embark on the summer, take time to reflect on who you want to be in your squad. As we take a break for the summer, below is a snapshot of what you can expect from us moving forward.

  • Continuing blog posts (opportunities are available)
  • Connecting sisters who wish to be in community (replicate this, you can do it)
  • Working on our own writing & research (we trying to GET the PhD!)


Resources for Getting Through Your Summer

The SisterPhD Archives:

Online / Digital Communities:

Important Blogposts, Threaducations, & Podcasts:

We hope these resources are helpful to all of you in some way, shape, or form. We know there’s no one way to support or to help someone through the doctoral journey, so we endeavor to ease the struggle by giving bits and pieces of everything we could think of.  If you find some you’d like for us to add, please email Brittany ( to help make this happen.

P.S. ICYMI: We have #SisterPhD gear available for purchase NOW: https:/


Brittany & Mika

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