A New Season

A New Season


Seasons come and go, but what remains are the lessons learned and bonds made.  In the fall of 2015, five women started their doctoral journeys at different institutions across the United States.  The five of us understood that we needed a unique support system. We knew that we needed to be in community with other Black women who were experiencing similar concerns, questions, and life changes to blossom during our doctoral seasons.  Our circle of five has grown, building a network throughout the country after sharing our experiences at national conferences and establishing a website to encourage a wider network for other Black women interested in pursuing doctoral education.

Over the last four years, #SisterPhD has been booked and busy! We have:  

·       Established a website that provides resources i.e. blog and other website

·       Presented at ACPA (2016, 2017), NASPA (2016, 2017), and ASHE 2018

·       Co-hosted a meet-up at ASHE 2019 with #CiteASista and #TeamTypingFast

·       Wrote a forthcoming book chapter, “The Making of #SisterPhD: Using Digital Spaces to Enhance the Success of Black Women Doctoral Students”

As we turn the page of this chapter in our lives of contributing towards this platform that created dialogue and support mechanisms for Black women in academia, especially Black women who work in higher education and student affairs we close this chapter with grateful hearts. As the five of us enter this new season, we have decided to close this one officially. The #SisterPhD website will close in December 2019.  


We encourage you to continue to use the website to review the blog posts, share them with other Black women who are beginning their graduate journey this fall. Thank you to everyone who shared their brilliance on the site. Your words have inspired a generation. We also hope that you will continue to connect with us and each other in real life and digitally.

 We leave you with this final note: Remember to run your race, do not look right or left, but focus on YOUR journey. You will succeed because you were created for greatness. Please know that although you may not see us in every day, there is a community rooting for your success! 

DaVida L. Anderson, Ph.D.

Laila I. McCloud, Ph.D.

Shamika Karikari, M.S.

Brittany M. Williams, Ph.D.

Shetina Jones, M.A.

I failed, but I am not a failure.

I failed, but I am not a failure.