The #SisterPhD Summer 2018 Roundup

Whether you're celebrating a graduation, a new position, or making it through another semester - Congratulations! You've been busy conducting research, attending classes, presenting at conferences, and taking care of loved ones. We hope that you find time this summer to prioritize your own well-being so that you can continue to blaze new trails. The #SisterPhD team is celebrating the end of our third year as doctoral students. Our calendars have been packed with comprehensive exams, dissertation proposals, and data collection. We thank you for your support as we've tried to make sure there's useful content on this site (and on Twitter!) to encourage you on your journey.

We recognize that the hustle continues over the summer so here are some resources to help you continue to blaze trails. Remember, you can do anything, but you don't need to do everything. 

Some words of wisdom for your summer:

 Use your network!  It’s not taking the easy way out.  When you use your network, you expose yourself to your network’s network.  Which only strengthens you and your study.  We call it #Blackgirlmagic because it’s powerful.  There is power in your sister-circle.  There is power in your network. - Krystal Allen, PhD

Write every day. Writing every day is not only about sharpening your writing skills. Writing every day doesn’t mean just academic writing. Write whatever comes to mind. Writing can be therapeutic, reflective. - Marvette Lacy, PhD

One of my professors advised me to slow down and pay attention to how I’m actually feeling. She reminded me to sleep. And to filter out the voices that were not helpful. She also reminded me that although the academy does not build in processes to take stock of our mental health, it’s important to carve out our own space to do so.  -  Augusta Atinuke Irele

Have you heard about the Black Superwoman Complex? It’s the idea that Black women are invincible,  indestructible, and can save all the ills of the world in one fell swoop. - Therapy For Black Girls

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We are so thankful for the #SisterPhD community! We'll see you in August!

Reflections on my first year as a doctoral student